Data download control panel

GPS-UHF loggers control panel

Control panel for GPS-UHF loggers is available via local / own PC. It is important to install software received with Base Station. You may check and change loggers settings and to download data collected in Baste Station memory.

GPS-GSM loggers control panel

Control panel for GPS-GSM loggers is available on-line at Ecotone servers. Each client receive login and password for direct connection to own panel where all client loggers are listed. This way each user gets connection only to own data and settings.
The list of loggers shows all important data (battery info, temperature etc.) and current loggers settings and gives opportunity to change settings remotely from all over the world!
It is important to remember that information displayed are the last received from logger i.e. when logger was last time within GSM network area. When on the migration data could be send rarely due to poor GSM connection but once logger will get into GSM area data will be send to server.

Sample user panel

Please send us a request to get access to our GPS-GSM logger panel