GPS-GSM loggers

It is a type of GPS-GSM trackers designed for monitoring birds activity. Weight from 16g allowed to use for birds starting from 550g of body weight. Memory capacity of 30.000 GPS positions and solar panel gives possibility for long range tracking (i.e. migrants). Available as backpack (standard) as well as collar ("IBIS" collar design).

GPS-GSM LOGGERS (old name SAKER series)

GPS-GSM backpack tracker series for tracking medium and biger sized birds with day activity. For monitoring birds during breeding season & migration.
Are used on a wide group of birds as: falcons, eagles, vultures, ravens, ducks, gulls, big waders, storks, cormorants ....

IBIS series

GPS-GSM necklace tracker for tracking birds such as ibises, geeses
• Fast and easy closing system with no screws and tools;
• Necklace diameters: 35-55mm (necklaces option: strong or light version)
• Weight: from 30g (in light version).
Are used on species as: ibises, geese,...

Note! available models Ibis GPS-GSM with UHF version of "light" and "strong"
details: please see Ecotone Loggers GPS-GSM-UHF.

CRANE series

GPS-GSM backpack tracker with double powering system (solar charged battery and backup lithium battery). Lithium battery is in use only when no solar charging. [read more]

SULA series

GPS-GSM Ecotone loggers with fixed settings.
Designed for tracking animals and birds during migration, i.e.: ducks, raptors, storks, cormorants,...Housing: backpack (for birds), aerodynamic, rounded edges, strong & waterproof. Long life battery.

GPS-GSM collars


To read more about GPS-GSM collars please go to TELEMETRY COLLARS