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Ecotone GPS loggers are designed to help monitor and study the behaviour of wild animals. But to use them optimally you need a basic understanding of how the loggers work and how they should be set up and serviced. Please contact us before you buy this equipment to discuss the design of your project and the results you expect. Our team of specialists need to understand the behaviour and the biology of the animals you will monitor to design the software, housing and fitting, the optimum charging and best set other features of the loggers. Your expectations might require a special approach to the research problem or might even exceed the capabilities of current technology. Consultations with us, analysis of literature and discussing the project outline increase your chances of excellent results.
Software, operating schedules, housings, the allocation of power and many other features will differ for loggers designed for animals that live in burrows and those that live in the open, for diving and terrestrial subjects, for diurnal and nocturnal animals, and for migrants and residents. We provide full technical support during your project.
Our experienced team of researchers, biologists and engineers will help solve the unexpected problems and surprises that occur so often in field studies.

Radio data download loggers - GPS-UHF

Loggers with radio (UHF) data download are the smallest loggers available in our offer. The main feature (radio download) allowed to reduce logger weight and collect data on local (own) computer during field work. Available in standard version as well with solar panels.
Smallest loggers (from 5g) available with Short Range Download (SRD) system while bigger (from 15g) available with Long Range Download (LRD) system.
More information about GPS-UHF loggers HERE

Remote data download loggers - GPS-GSM

GPS-GSM loggers - collected data are transmitted via GSM network. Easy access to data via server using own protected (login and password) account. Ideal loggers for all species and project types, where weight limitations are less restricted (birds over 550g body weight) - loggers from 15g. In case of poor GSM signal data are stored within internal memory and send to server as soon as bird will reach area with GSM coverage.
More information about GPS-GSM loggers HERE

Double system download loggers - GPS-GSM-UHF

Ecotone GPS-UHF Logger

The most advanced model of Ecotone GPS loggers. From 17g of weight. The most important advantage in comparison to other UHF loggers is additional GSM data download. So, it used all systems available on-board! This feature allows for intensive data collection while within range of base station (breeding season) and tracking while on migration. Both systems work independently thus data are available both off line (base station) as well as on-line via server. Available as backpack in standard and LF (Anti-Cover Ecotone® design), as well as collar - "IBIS" collar design.
More information and models available HERE