Collar DEER

Basic features of telemetric collar DEER:
• GPS module uses especially designed very sensitive antenna, ensuring fast and precise calculation of positions, even in adverse conditions, such as bushy vegetation or deep ravines.
• GPS-GSM module with modern construction and low energy consumption; very sensitive GSM antennas often permitting data transmission in places with very low GSM range.
• Electronics, batteries, GPS and GSM antennas locked in especially designed, very tough composite housing, safe and well fitted to the animal size.
• Single-module construction, without wires in the belt, ensures high fail-safety and easiness of adjustment collar diameter to animal neck.
• Width of the collar belt is 65mm, very tough, multilayer with rounded edges - safe for animals. All applied materials are resistant to UV and atmospheric conditions.
• Collar weight ~800g.
• Communication with the collar - by the GSM network and optional by UHF link with long reach. All GPS data are automatically transmitted by the GSM network, when object appears in the range. Data that haven’t been sent, are transmitted in following communication sessions. It is possible to collect GPS positions in intervals like: 30min, 1h, 2h, 3h,4h, 12h,24h.
• Built-in temperature and activity sensors.
• Full control - by web profile – of parameters such as battery level, GPS interval, GSM signal strength, temperature, activity etc. All data are password protected; they can be review on the panel in applications: Google Map and Google Earth and also collected in the form of text files: csv and kml.
• Long battery life, extending even to several years, depending on user’s settings.
• All elements are designed and made in Poland, by engineers and scientists from Ecotone, considering modern requirements of telemetry applied to wild animals research.
• On request GPS positions can be additionally passed to the user’s cell phone (additional payment is required).