LRD (Long Range Download) - the most popular GPS-UHF loger in our offer with radio download option - from 13g of weight. In comparison to simple UHF models it gets solar charging as standard thus in addition to battery used data might be downloaded within few kilometres range from base station. Used mostly for breeding birds of prey. Available as backpack in standard and LF (Anti-Cover Ecotone® design) housing, as well as collar ("IBIS" collar design).

Main Features of LRD models

  • Data access: base (ground) station and PC application;
  • UHF download range in line of sight: 4000-6000m;
  • UHF communication: bidirectional and digital telemetry;
  • Memory 30 000 GPS positions;
  • Solar charger;
  • Voltage control: Optional automatic GPS interval control, standby < safe voltage to protect battery;
  • Housing features: aerodynamic, rounded edges, strong & waterproof, 4 attachment points;
  • Antennas: internal
  • Data formats: .csv, .kmz (Google Earth);
  • Switching on/off: magnetic & software switch, 1 colour LED communication.

Harrier-L, Crex-XS, Crex and Kite series

Automatic data download to 6km range, backpack, solar charger, 5-10 minutes intervals are possible during sunny weather, for tracking birds from ~400g body mass during breeding season & migration. [MORE]

IBIS GPS-UHF necklaces series with long range UHF link (LRD)


- weight from: ~23g;
- solar charger efficiency: 1 minute in direct sunlight, 15 minutes for bright sky;
- recommended for: birds.